Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some learning guidelines for Success

Time management
Time management is most important for any success, especially for study. At first whole time should be divided into some segment which not only assists us with planning and time management, it can help us maintain our attention and best focus on topics. Each segment should be allocated for a target- come to an end of a text chapter. If we can do that then we will be motivated by accomplishment of specific goal.
Study in daytime
It is seems that concentration is more working in daytime than night. It is also depends on man’s mentality. That means it vary from man to man. According to many experts opinion one hour study during the day is same to be equivalent to one and half hour study at night. Overall personal concentration is more important here. So it should be decided as per our capacity, when we can concentrate our mind best.
Make study groups
Group study is very effective. It can be formed by friends, classmates or members. Many heads are better than one. We can help each other with questions or problems.  By sharing notes and comparing ideas we can clear our personal concept. Studying in groups make us cheer up and help us to avoid boringness. 
Necessary Activities in class
If we do some necessary activities in class then we can minimize after class study times:
  • Get ready before class – do the compulsory pre-reading.
  • Active listening – keep focused on what the teacher is saying and take notes.
  • Raise questions – during class time it is very essential to ask question to make the topics clear.

Necessary Activities in home reading
  • Profound reading is must for learner. It means to read every single word and re-read sections. It is useful for more complicated reading materials such as textbooks and articles.
  • Skimming on total matter for a general idea saves time and helps to realize the matter in short.
    • Understand the heading and subheading.
    • Overview the total topics for main concept.
    • Read the conceptual, end, or prĂ©cis.
  • At study time scanning method can be applied. Scanning is useful to get specific idea of matter.
  • It should not to force ourselves to remember which we listen in class or read in home. If we be interested and curious in the subject, we’ll be more probable to naturally bring back what we need to bring to mind

What should do during exams
Proper preparation reduces stress. Below steps should be taken during exam times.
  • Maintain adequate sleeping hours and eat healthy food. 
  • Complete the entire syllabus before the starting of exam.
  • Do the practice questions under time constraints so we’ll effectively monitor our answering time on the day.
  • Answer the easy questions first; come back to the more difficult ones later.

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