Saturday, 11 August 2012

Please say I am Triumphant

Some few days ago I read this in an article “the man who wins is the man who thinks he can”. In this world some people think they can do nothing, they are failure. More other people than them think not only they but also other people failure too. But, in this life success and failure can not be calculated separately. Someone may be successful in professional life but at the same time great failure in conjugal life. On the other hand some one got huge expected happiness in family life but full failure in work life. Moreover general people think success means high rank job, huge money, land property & personal car, beautiful wife, fame and prestige- these are some elements of success not mandatory condition.

Success not only depends on one feature or virtue. It’s depending on many virtues. Even success not depend on any definition, it depend on man’s mental satisfaction. If you think yourself successful then you success, if you think you are failure then you failure.

Who became able to collect half glass water, his success depends on how he describes it. If he says the glass’s half filled up then he success. Because it’s his a positive mind identity. Half glass is better than totally blank glass.

If he says the glass is half blank then he failure. Because he thinks himself failure for cant fulfills full glass. For that his mind became frustrated. He is giving curse to his fortune.

The farmer, who produce vast crop, is not successful? The typist, who can type very speedily, is not successful? Emerson says “if a man writes a better book, preaches a better sermon or makes a better mousetrap than his neighbor though he builds his house in the woods the world will make a beaten path to his door”. So so-called definition of success has to be thrown to dustbin and new definition has to be evaluated. Land property- personal car, fame, hill of money, alcohol or to gain beautiful girl friend is not success. Promotion in office or to treat subordinate as servant is not success. There is no reason to think only qualified people sit on big post or to be selected as authority or minister or big business man. Such as Gresham’s law is black money all time removed white money.

The successful man he, who not creator, not great personality, not pious man, has strong character, only a full real human being. He is successful who stick on his responsibility, positive about his quality and makes his personal expertness by hard working in spit of born without any intellect. He is successful whose studies not stop at the end of university education and running till his death. No authority gives him promotion because he himself gives him promotion.

He personally counted how long he traveled in his life. Because he believes this travel is his success.

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