Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Simple formula for Success

Life is like a Cafeteria. If we are ready to pay the value then we can get anything. Just need a mentality to do the right things at a right times.  It’s very simple. Not always easy, but simple. You can use these seven tips to turn your life into success.
Take a look on below 4 formulas:-
  1. Identify your outcome and decide what you want.
  2. Take action and determine to make a change.
  3. Monitor the on going actions and stick on actions until you get the results you want.
  4. Keep a success person ahead so that you can copy him.
Above those formulas is the way of success. Use it and make it a part of your problem solving and goal setting habits.

Many authors wrote this in different ways but all platforms are unique. I just quoted the summary which I got from many reputed success tips authors articles. 
Below the following 7 tips for success will enhance the above process.

Here are 7 Tips for Success

1.      Pay attention on small one before they become big.
Take care of small problem before they become big problems. When cancer builds home in any human body then it need to be diagnosed first after that treatment will be possible. But, if it becomes too late then big treatment can not make it cure. Don’t ignore the little stuff. If we do, it will build up and we’ll blow up. Orchid should be cut before it spread every where. 

2.      Present is all.
In meditation one of major rule to keep mind in present. To say I am in present when reach at Alfa level an important part of meditation. It means if human being can keep him/herself in present then any exceptional thing can be done by him/her. Past make us frustrated and Future makes us anxious. Situation need to be considered carefully and action need to be taken accordingly. 

3.      Remove unhappiness in work
Our life is complicated. We are all time going through a monotony situation. Most of us are tolerating every where which we dislike. Then what should we do now. We run away from the situation or to face it. It depends on us. If all time we feel our life is nothing it is right at the same it is also right our life is very special. Think positively, avoid unhappiness feelings can make our life pleasurable. All things are in our hand. Just we need to know the operating system. How we operate our life through a cheerful condition.

4.      Build Daily Routine.
Many times when we spent our time in holiday we have no plan or routine. But, if we can build a daily routine then many things can be done in a day. Especially for holiday we should maintain a strong routine. An overall circumstance is to use every moment to be successful. Choose some things to do daily that we can create habits around. The idea here is to pick things that inspire us, not things we "should" do. Replace any old bad habits with these instead. 

5.      Get the work finished before the time-line.
Daily we have many things need to be done. But, some times we feel not interest or disgusting to do that. If we maintain a simple formula then this situation we can simply avoid. Do the things first which is bore to us. If we can find out the pleasure in a task then we can easily do that. But, from the beginning if we experience it irk then it’s took more time. Result will be dullness. So we need to do the necessary things before the time limit.  

6.      Stop unnecessary run behind win. 
The less you run behind success, the more likely it is to come your way. To see dream is good habit but to feel heavy excitement is bad. To be success we need to be calm, determined and marksman. Unnecessary excitement creates anxiety, stress and tension. All time need to follow a goal with a proper plan through a strategic way.

7.      Just do it... now!
         Procrastination eats the pleasure of every work. Any work will be good if it is done without any  unnecessary interruption. So always try to finish work instant. We many times wait for model time but mind it if we not start then situation never be model. To be successful we need to make habit to do the task now.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What really leads to success

1. Passion
Sometimes it may be seems that we do things for nothing. Nothing we get for our all effort. On that time only passion can move us. If we love our work then we should do without any expectation to get somethings. Overall we need to do anything for love money comes anyway.

2. Hard Work
The road to success come through hard work.Hard work for them who need to be success.How much do we need to do depends on greatness of our dream.If we will learn to reflect a spirit of excellence in everything we do, the hard work will become second nature to us. Nothing comes easily.

To be successful put your nose down in something and get damn good at it. So do Practice! Practice! and Practice!A best practice is a technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark.practices is a complicated and time-consuming process but to get good things it is must.

4. Focus
All has to do focusing yourself to one thing.

5. Push
Push yourself. Physically, mentally.You gotta push for shyness and self doubt. Give up the think--> I am not good enough, I am not smart enough. I can not do anything. Just PUSH PUSH PUSH.

6. Serve
Serve others. Money follow you.

7. Ideas
New idea can do many things.  Listen>Observe>Be curious>Ask Question>Problem Solve>Make Connections.

8. Persist
Persistence is the number one reason for success.